Safwan Valsadia:
Valsad. Dated: 13-5-2013
I am very satisfied by Ravi Hostel; I stayed there from 1st to final year of my diploma study in NIRMA University. I really enjoyed as good as my own family. me and my family are very hearty thankful to RAVI Hostel.

Naresh Makwana:
Lakhtar. Dated: 7-6-2013
I enjoyed the hostel life period of one year at Ravi Hostel in 2012-2013, now I have decided to live in RAVI for the next year also.  All the facilities and food provided here were tasty and healthy throughout.

Ashish Vasava:

Surat. Dated: 17-5-2013
In June-2010, I visited the Ravi Hostel with my family, my parents advised me to stay in Ravi. My First year results was very excellent, I found very comfortable convenient and have a good health “Thank you Ravi”.

Shounak Kothekar:

Nagpur. Dated: 02-5-2013
Ravi Hostel is very good for stay near Nirma University area. All the facilities available here is very good, homely atmosphere peacefully place for study.

Prakhar Bajaj:

Trikamgadh (MP). Dated: 28-5-2013
I found very homely atmosphere, nice place for stay and study in Hostel. Proprietors’ family supporting me in my very initial days of Nirma.


Bhavesh Illasariya :
Palanpur. Dated: 28-5-2013
After completion of my diploma study at Palanpur, I joined Nirma for B.Tech. My expirence in Ravi hostel is execellent and i found homely envoirement, so i continued with them till my final years.

Pranjal Nanavati:

Udaipur, Rajasthan 8-5-2013
I really enjoyed first year of Nirma in Ravi Hostel, All the facilities –services called at the time of admission were provided us by Ravi hostel are better than others hostels or P.G.

Anjikya Tiwari:

Jabalpur (MP). Dated: 3-5-2013
Ravi Hostel is the best hostel for stay and study in Nirma, here all the services provided are satisfactory & honestly enjoyed good food & high-class menu, All is well.  

Ashish Darekar:

Pune. Dated: 8-5-2013
Very first time i stayed in Ravi Hostel away from my family for study, I found really good homely atmosphere. Ravi Hostel is the best hostel and best for Hospitalities to the students.






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